REI – Behind the Scenes | Thomas Lorini
Another Exciting Edition of REI – Behind the Scenes TOMORROW!
Join us live at 7pm est with real estate investor Thomas Lorini!
Thomas Lorini is a California realtor, an experienced real estate investor, and educator. Beginning in 2004 with his first property that he ‘house-hacked’, Thomas has transitioned his passion for investing in buy & hold assets on the side, to a full-time endeavor that now includes coaching, private lending and an active wholesaling business.
As an experienced investor, Thomas has been involved in a wide range of asset classes. He currently owns a $17M portfolio across North America, that includes condominiums, mixed-use commercial, motels and apartments.
Thomas has been an active member of several real estate groups over the years and is now a cofounder of WealthGenius US; educating and supporting newer investors in creating financial freedom through real estate.
REI Behind the Scenes gives you a sneak peak into the world of real estate investing by featuring investors as they give you a LIVE tour of their property and current projects.
So if you’re interested in learning from other peoples experiences with flipping houses and BRRRR, then make sure to tune in to catch all the valuable tips and information they will be sharing.
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